on the Decade of
Y A M A A I    
S H I K I K O ,  
the Greatest
Y  A  O  I 
writer in

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A decade has lapsed since YAMAAI SHIKIKO, the Queen of the writer of YAOI ,Slash Fiction in JAPAN, made a sensational debut in 1992.

Shikiko had long dominated the shadowy and shady realm called the Comic Market before she became abruptly visible, when her brilliant works suddenly burst into the light, inviting all of us into a new dimension of Millenium Sodom.

From that point on, it became impossible to tell right from wrong, virtue from vice. The supreme fiction of Shikiko demolished all binary oppositions,radically problematizing existing concepts like gender and morality.

Now we all feel obliged to enjoy the season of sacred lust; no one be excused from the delirium.

Think not that Yamaai Shikiko is come to send peace on earth: she has not come to send peace, but a sword, bringing fire to the world lazily content with the status quo, and criticizing it with the sword of rhetoric.

You are yourselves aware that the day of Shikiko will come as a thief in the night.

Those who keep dreaming of peaceful city in the brilliant age of Heisei are all required to admire her vicious but miraculous advent.

Let’s listen to her soulful voice. Now everybody--

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